Monday, September 5, 2016


Starting in January of this past year a certain word stayed on my heart and mind. The word is "renewal." Like most people, renewal is a word I was familiar least I thought. I gained new understanding as I studied God's Word and dug deeper into the meaning of this word from a biblical perspective.

At certain points in time, God's people have always been in need of renewal. In studying the Scripture, three main concepts are connected with renewal-RENOVATION, RE-ESTABLISHING, and REPEATING the process.

When God is ready to renovate something or someone, He takes what is there and alters it. Have you ever renovated a room in your house? It's the same room but it's not! It's the same space but it's different! Spiritual renovation is the same process. Spiritual renewal is when God takes something or someone and changes it! In the process of renovation it can be messy, but God knows the end result. Renovation is just the first step of renewal. Re-establishment is next.

Once God completes the renovation stage He will firmly re-establish order. God is a God of order. We need order. We need establishment. Renewal involves God's order. Stability is an important part of change. In God's time, He will re-establish order. Re-establishment is an important part of renewal. In times of renewal, God will establish a new order.

Finally, the last step of renewal is repeating the process! Hold up...what?! We have to do it again? Yes we do! God is NEVER through working on us as individuals and churches; change is part of the equation. We can't "freeze" in time. He is constantly changing things in our life through renovating and re-establishing order in our life. We can't be opposed to the process or we will be opposed to His work in our life. Renewal is a great thing when we understand it from God's perspective. Renewal is to RENOVATE, RE-ESTABLISH, & REPEAT (in fact, in its most basic element, every believer should experience this process daily...see Romans 12:2).

This is a year for renewal! Are you ready?