Thursday, November 3, 2016

5 Reasons Losing A Staff Member Is Good

Our church recently saw a staff member answer the call to a new place of service. This is very difficult for churches who love their staff. This particular staff member served for over 12 years at our church and was beloved by many. Multiples problems arise anytime a long-standing staff member answers the call for a new place of ministry. Not only is it hard to say goodbye, but it is difficult to fill the gaps of service that are obvious once a staff member is gone.

The truth is, all staff members will eventually exit the life of a church one way or another. Some staff exit for negative reasons while others move along in ministry and step into greater opportunities of service. And of course, some staff members finish their race and exit through the door called "death." One of my favorite quotes is from Johnny Hunt when he says "workers live and workers die, but the work never dies."

The work of the church must move forward. I believe there are 5 very positive things that happen when a church loses a staff member.

1. It Causes The Church To Pray

If there is one thing that happens in a church when a good staff members leaves IT IS PRAYER. I heard a sermon just last week where Jeff Crook said "anything that causes you to pray cannot be viewed as a bad thing." There is much truth in that statement. Often, things that really drive us to our knees are bad or difficult things. No matter how difficult the trial, if we truly spend more time in prayer getting to know the heart of God, then how can it be a bad thing?!

2. It Allows The Church To Be Involved 

Depending on your denomination or how you structure your church this might be different, but in our church this process allows the church to have some involvement. Our church recently voted from the floor of the church to select six (6) individuals to help in this process of finding a new Worship Pastor. Not only did the church congregation as a whole have involvement in selecting different individuals, but now these individuals are allowed to go "behind the curtain" and really be involved in this important process.

3. Interviews Are Educational And Fun

I really enjoy the interview process. I have enjoyed it as a pastor interviewing for a position, and I enjoy it as a pastor interviewing others for a certain position. I really believe everybody involved (search committee, personnel committee, and deacon body) all enjoy this process as well. It is good to talk about things that are close and important to your heart & church. I believe this reaffirms our calling, purpose, and vision. It is also good to hear what is important to others. It is often educational to hear different viewpoints from time to time.

4. It Brings Excitement For Something New

Churches can very easily fall into a rut and not even know it! Sometimes God desires to bring a new element to help shake us from our comfort zone and renew our focus. With every new staff member there are new elements that are brought to the table. It is exciting to think about what God has in store in the future.

5. It Reminds Us Of The Faithfulness Of God 

Despite how many times God HAS BEEN FAITHFUL IN THE PAST we are prone to doubt His faithfulness in the present. When a church is searching for that "right person" it often reminds us just how faithful God really is to bring us exactly what we need. God is a faithful God. He cares about The Church...not just our church, your church, or the megachurch...He cares about His Church. He is faithful time and time again. It is never usually considered a good thing when a staff member leaves, but God certainly is known to bring good out of any situation...that is His mode of operation. I hope these 5 things ring true in your heart.