Thursday, January 19, 2017

I Have A Dream Too

I will admit that I am an idealist. I am a wishful thinker and a stargazer...I always have been. Even before living for Jesus, I hoped for the best. After Jesus radically turned my life around as a senior in high school, someone put a Bible in my hand and I read it...


Once you actually believe the words of the Bible you can't go back to your old way of thinking. Something happens on the inside of you that changes you so much that the only phrase capable of describing it is being "born again." As an 18 year old freshman in college I had this idea. My idea was that the Bible is enough. I actually believed it is enough for churches, husbands, wives, and families. I couldn't wait to finish college and seminary and get to a be a pastor so I could watch firsthand how the Bible would be enough!

I was 25 when I realized something that shocked me. It took me an entire year of being a senior pastor to come to this realization: a large majority of people that come to church don't really care about the Bible. Not only was it not a priority, but it could be removed and "church" could carry on fine. It was then that a dream was birthed in my heart. A dream that I might not live to see come to fruition, but a dream I cling to.


It is a dream that the day will come when church is actually built around the Bible. A dream that if everything else was stripped away-all the programs, all the special ministries, all the extracurricular activities, all the music, all the noise, all the meetings, all the money, all the perks, even all the sermons filled with illustrations & funny stories-if all that was stripped away that people would still come simply for the fact that the Bible is opened and read out loud...and that would be enough.

Hearing with your own ears the words of God spoken in the language of men...& THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH. Processing an actual message from the creator of the world in an understandable manner because He chose to give it to us in written form in a way we can understand...& THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH. Feeding on manna from Heaven that will satisfy our parched, dry, and hungry hearts because it will...& THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH.


It would be enough because God would be speaking to man and man would be returning praise to God. It would be enough because fellowship would be taking place with Him and each other. It would be enough because mission & ministry would result from the gathering. It would be enough. The Bible is enough.


I have a dream that the day will come that church is actually built around the Bible. A dream that if everything else was stripped away, people would still be compelled to come because the Bible is enough.

What are you going to church for on Sunday? What do you demand and expect from your church? Shouldn't the Bible be enough?