Friday, May 5, 2017

A Minichurch With A Mega Impact

I love the Church! When I say I love the Church I mean the one with the big "C." I certainly do love the local congregation that I serve and belong to as well, but I love God's Church all around the world. The Church is truly something special to belong to. Even the best of churches can lose focus on the mission from time to time. Somebody said "the church is the only institution that exists primarily for the benefit of those who are not its members." What a thought!!! Certainly all of us would agree that belonging to the church carries with it certain benefits and mutual care, but I could not disagree with that statement at all. We exists first and foremost for the glory of God, but we serve a purpose on the earth that is not for ourselves. We are to carry His message and make disciples of all the nations.

I believe God structured His Church in a way that can succeed. We are built to last. We are built to reproduce ourselves. We are built to show forth His glory until He returns. How is this accomplished?  

The title of this post is "a minichurch with a mega impact." Let me begin by sharing my thoughts on megachurches. Some of my pastoral "heroes" are megachurch pastors. The church I was called to preach in, at the time, was a megachurch. Many who have never ministered in or belonged to a megachurch assume it is too big to connect or build relationships. This is false! In fact, the megachurch I was a member of had a great small group leader and the body connected better than some smaller churches I have belonged. I believe a megachurch, if structured and led properly, has the opportunity to transform their city and region! I love megachurches that have a biblical foundation and mission.

A church does not have to be a megachurch to have a mega impact. If a group of believers will unify concerning what God is calling them to do the results are impossible to gauge-no matter the size of that church. A church of less than 100 people can impact their own community, country, and other continents if they will join together for the cause. The church I serve believes God is calling us to reach the "Americas." We intentionally partner in North America (Baltimore church plant), Central America (a ministry in Honduras), and South America (Andes Mountains of Peru) for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and making disciples. One church cannot do EVERYTHING but one church certainly can do SOMETHING.

Does your church have a missions strategy? Aim at nothing and hit nothing. Every church should see itself as an "aircraft carrier." From one spot, each church can launch people different directions to share God's Word & make disciples. Regardless the size of your church, we must intentionally focus on training God's people to go outside the walls of the church and engage people right where they are.

How does God lead us in the right strategy for our church?

  • Pray
Begin by really asking God to lead you to where He desires you to focus. He will show you. Remember if you aim at nothing you will hit nothing. 
  • Partner
Once you know where that is, partner in the work with those who you agree with and share the same vision with. Partnerships are great and rewarding for your own local church and the ones you are serving with. 
  • Prepare
Train and spend time sharpening the ax. Help the church understand where you are going and why it is worth the partnership. Some will catch on...others may not. God will raise up those to do the work and make an eternal impact.  
  • Preach
Go and do it! We can sit around and talk and plan all day, but at some point we must put our feet to the soil and do the work God has called us to do. 

Every church, regardless the size, can have a mega & eternal impact when we take the words of Jesus seriously. He said "all authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you."

I hope you belong to a church that makes disciples and shares God's message here, there, and everywhere! Whether you belong to a megachurch or minichurch, make sure God's Word is a priority, mission is on the forefront of all that takes place, and that you don't make it about yourself.